San Francisco
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Do you sometimes find yourself feeling hurt, stuck or confused in relationship?  Would you like to feel more authentic and whole in connecting to your partner or others?  Therapy can help you find clarity, resources, and direction in your life and relationships.

Therapy with me provides you with a safe space where you are invited and encouraged to bring out any parts of yourself that need room for expression. The expression and working through of hurt, stuck, confused, and also joyful parts can in turn contribute to your sense of wholeness and health.  You're coming to therapy because something needs to shift, and we will work collaboratively to facilitate direct results and provide you with specific tools to practice. We'll also look at how events in your past may be affecting you or your relationship in the present.  And we'll work with what arises in the room between us and/or your partner, as the present moment can be a powerful vehicle to facilitate change.

Some areas of focus in my work are building self-esteem/trust, alleviating anxiety and stress, handling depression, working through communication blocks, grieving and dealing with loss/betrayal, integrating traumatic experiences, and moving through life transition.  I aim to show up for you in a way that is warm, engaging, and accepting of where you are on your journey toward a happy and free life.