For stronger relationships, individual therapy can help in all areas or your life - career, academia, marriage, athletics, and family. 

Individual and relationship therapy can also help you overcome difficulties with trauma, mood, and relationship issues. Our therapist strive to support and promote constructive change in your emotional health and relationships. Together, we look closely at what is causing feelings of dissatisfaction and pain.  

We will also look at how past relationships with important people continue to find their way into your current relationships causing frustration and feelings of hopelessness. Together we can move away from old relational patterns, build more awareness, transform obstacles, and open the path to more satisfying intimate relationships.



  • relationship issues
  • anxiety and depression
  • healing from loss or trauma
  • building skills and self-esteem
  • family and early life issues
  • substance use concerns
  • cross-cultural realities
  • LGBTQQI: Gender Queer and Trans issues 
  • Social Justice issues
  • co-dependency


Our approach to individual therapy is a blend of depth, relational, somatic, and attachment therapy. Together, we will bring awareness to the unconscious patterns, body’s structure and habitual thoughts. This will enable us to expand your ability to tolerate feelings and sensations and to access core beliefs which shape your life, relationships, and self-image. The body is an important avenue in working to overcome trauma and self-regulate one’s nervous system.



Initial treatment begins with an initial intake in which your therapist will ask you about your history and what brings you to therapy. In the first couple of sessions, you will begin to develop a new relationship with your therapist. During the early phase of treatment, your therapist will begin to help you understand your feelings and needs. During the intake process, both you and the therapist set goals, make a plan, and create a support team.  Each individual client sets the pace and the length of therapy with helpful suggestions from their therapist.