San Francisco
(415) 494-7074

Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

Licensed MFCC# 86604 and employed by Karen Palamos MFC# 38971

*Sessions are conducted in English and Hebrew.

Relationship are powerful. They have the potential to bring enormous happiness, yet can also create deep wounding and pain. But most importantly, they can serve us as an opportunity to heal, grow and transform, since they usually shed light on our earlier, childhood woundings. I am passionate about working with couples and supporting people in having better relationships for these reasons - the healing power of relationship with the right support and tools. In the safety of my office environment I invite people to explore the ways they are relating with each other and I support them in discovering better and more effective ways that will allow them to connect to their needs and to move toward each other from a deeper, more intimate, and compassionate place. 


Couples and singles come to me to improve their communication, negotiate differences and cultural diversity,  heal past traumas that gets triggered in their relationship, deepen intimacy and sexuality, work through infidelity and trust issues, emotional disconnection, parenting issues, navigating separation, and premarital counseling.


My style is gentle and non shaming, yet directive when needed. I bring genuine curiosity to your experiences and respect the vulnerability it takes to seek help. My work with couples is mostly influenced by Sue Johnson’s Emotional Focused Therapy, Attachment theory, experiential therapy and body mind modalities such as Hakomi, and mindfulness practices. I welcome to my practice people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations.