At The San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center, we offer sliding scale therapy- it is our goal to make therapy accessible all people.

We are proud to offer affordable therapy to a wide range of people from diverse financial & socio-economic backgrounds. Also, we understand that unforeseen challenges such as losing a job, serious illnesses or crisis can impact your ability to seek help.  With this understanding, we do our best to help during these time and provide the best sliding scale therapy program.

Our rates are based on the income of individuals and combined income of couples. Not all of our providers are able to offer sliding scale rates.

For sliding scale therapy you may choose from our staff of Marriage and Family Therapist interns who have completed their Master's Degree and are supervised by highly trained clinicians. Also some of our licensed clinicians dedicate a few daytime and evening spots to sliding scale therapy. 

Call us today for more information about our rates.