Our premarital therapy program contains structured discussions and practice exercises to allow you to incorporate listening techniques, conflict management skills, and negotiation tools to protect your marriage. 

All marriages begin with a strong desire to make the relationship successful.  However, 40-50% end in divorce because they are not prepared with the tools that it takes to make a relationship work.  Without these tools, we are not prepared to handle conflicts and struggles that may surface later in the relationship that haven't been there early on.  Most couples experience some struggle adjusting to each others differences in personality or family of origin dynamics.  Many of us have not been taught important communication and relationship skills.  And some couples have not really talked about the logistics of managing money, raising children, and long-term goals. 

At The San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center, we have identified what couples need to know in order to have a successful marriage.  You will learn the necessary tools and build on your strengths to make your marriage last.  Through this process couples will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other and the relationship.


  • Explore and identify strengths

  • Identify and manage the negative cycle of communication

  • Identify and manage stressors

  • Strengthen communication skills

  • Explore family of origin issues

  • Establish goals as a couple

  • Understand and appreciate differences

  • Explore life values and cultural differences


  • Understanding relationship patterns (positive and negative)

  • Talk about your fears and concerns before marriage

  • Negotiating conflict and accepting differences

  • Create more intimacy and connection

  • Develop shared goals and come together around common values