5 Fun Places to Take Your Date in the Bay Area!

The Bay Area is one of the most abundant locations in the United States when it comes to taking your date to cool places. From camping and beachside walks to fancy restaurants and unique activities, you'll be sure to impress your Bumble or Tinder date by taking them to some of these lovely spots.

  1. First dates can be a wonderful time to start getting to know someone in a comfortable atmosphere. And who doesn't like food, music, and drinks for a first date? If you haven't already been, be sure to check out First Fridays in Oakland. First Fridays is a free event on Telegraph Ave. between West Grand and 27th Street on the First Friday of every month. While you're there, you can share a delicious batch of nachos from one of the many food vendors, watch people groove to some tunes in the streets, and check out a few of Oakland's coolest bars, including Classic Cars WestThe Double Standard & Make Westing.

  2. If you're looking for something a bit more peaceful, you can take your date to Kirby Cove, a beach right on the Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Start at the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point on Conzelman Road in Mill Valley, where you and your date can take a classic selfie in front of the infamous bridge. From there, a 40-minute downhill walk will take you to one of the Bay Area's most beautiful beaches, tucked comfortably inside a cove with an astounding view of the bridge. On the far east side of the beach, you'll find a picturesque swingset, ripe for you and your date to share a delicate moment of intimacy. If you want to spend the night in nature with your honey, you can even camp here, but be sure to book your campsite in advance, as they fill up quick!

  3. Or maybe you're looking to do something a little more quirky with your partner. Channel your inner child at Subpar Mini Golf, with locations in San Francisco & Alameda! After putting around at the SF location, be sure to explore Ghirardelli Square with your loved one; what's love without some delicious chocolate? You can also head east on Beach Street and stop by The Buena Vista for some one-of-a-kind Irish coffee. To top off your evening, catch a sunset along the beach of the Maritime National Historical Park. You'll be sure to impress your date with this little San Fran adventure.

  4. One of my favorite spots for romantic days spent with a loved one is the Monterey Bay region. If you're open to getting away from the city for a day, one of my favorite places in California is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. If you or your date identifies as a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you can ride a rollercoaster while watching the waves ebb and flow onto the scenic beach! If the crowds in Santa Cruz aren't your thing, take your date to the cute nearby town of Capitola, known for its bright and colorful houses along the beach. If you're looking for something a bit unique, take your date to the legendary Mystery Spot. Here, you can defy gravity and the challenges in your relationship by bonding over the mysterious energy here, which allows you & your partner to stand sideways on an unusual tour in the hills of Santa Cruz. Finally, don't miss a spectacular sunset at Coast Dairies State Park. Being in love never felt so good as when you're standing at the edge of cliff overlooking the orange and pink haze of a Pacific sunset.

  5. If you and your date are looking to have a fun day together in the city, what better place to be than Golden Gate Park? Here, you can explore over 8,500 varieties of plants at the Botanical Garden, maybe even scoring a kiss beneath the towering redwoods, or amongst the magnolia blossoms. While you're near, take a stroll through the infamous Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, home of the Grateful Dead's House & The Booksmith, an independent counterculture-focused bookstore that keeps the hippie traditions alive. If you're a big music fan, the original Amoeba Records is a must-see, boasting an immense collection of over 100,000 albums, sure to please fans of any genre. As the sun begins to set, head back to the California Academy of Sciences for Thursday's NightLife event, where admission is only $15. Here' you'll experience live music, full bars, and luminescent jellyfish all in one!

This list is just the tip of the iceberg for all that the Bay Area has to offer in terms of dating adventures. What's most important is that no matter where you are, treat your date with respect and loving-kindness! No matter what stage of a relationship you are in, allowing yourself to feel vulnerable and be real will only serve to benefit the growth of your highest self. If challenges arise along the way, that's what we're here for! :) Contact us at 415-494-7074 to set up an intake with a couples therapist today.

Greg Tilden, AMFT, is an admin coordinator st SF Marriage and Couples Center and 2018 graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies. As a person who is passionate about holding space for people to find their own inner tools for wellness and self-development, he contributes his work to SFMCC and Amador Institute, Inc. Greg envisions the process of therapy a fun, co-creative & curious endeavor. In his spare time, he enjoys astrology, tarot, creating and appreciating music & art, and exploring nature.