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582 Market Street, Suite 1509
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 494-7074

MFT #97854

I work with Individuals and couples. My style is dynamic, interactive and direct. I work with you to collaboratively formulate the tools for your personal growth and healing.

Beginning therapy is entering into a relationship that is non-judgmental and deeply honest. A therapeutic relationship is uniquely rich and deep and within it there is great potential for self-actualization and change.

My approach to therapy depends very much upon the goals we set together and the nature of the work you are interested in doing. I work in a relational and psychodynamic way using a variety of modalities and interventions to actively assist you in clarifying your goals and resolving your issues. Tools and interventions are curating to your particular style, goals and our work together. 

Within couples therapy I can guide you through to resolving issues in your relationship and we can assess patterns and obstacles that are in the way of your happiness.  I offer communication and relationship tools to provide long lasting change in your couple. Whatever your goals in therapy I work with you to resolve conflict and progress to a place you want to be. I work with a wide range of couples and welcome same-sex, polyamorous and alternative couples.