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Therapy offers a unique environment where you can bring all of who you are: your hopes, fears, anger, frustrations, confusion, grief, joy, shame...

Within the safety of the therapeutic environment we listen deeply to what may be causing discomfort and stuckness and work with it so you can move forward with your life and your relationship with more vitality and fulfillment. I believe strongly that we all have the potential to live fulfilling lives and have positive relationships and during the past ten years I have been honored to witness over and over again clients moving from pain and discomfort into greater authenticity and vitality.

For couples, I encourage them to seek out counseling even when there are minor misunderstandings and subtle distancing so the hurt that may be happening does not go on for longer than necessary.  An outside support, witness, and guide is invaluable for seeing the bigger picture of what is creating the difficulty and understanding how to move forward towards a more fulfilling and fluid relationship.  Although showing up authentically with one's partner may feel risky at times, such revealing is the best way to keep the intimacy alive in a relationship.

As a therapist I am direct and engaging but also quite warm and sensitive.  I bring a passion for relationships and the psyche to the work that I do and work with a wide range of issues.