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I am here to help you learn how to communicate your needs, desires, and emotions in a way that helps you get met and feel heard in relationship. It is my job to help each of you better understand and express yourself in relationship to one another in ways that support satisfying contact, authentic connection, deepened intimacy and a fulfilling sex life. By providing a safe space and offering tools to negotiate differences and resolve conflict, I can help you each access the inherent resources already alive inside you and overcome whatever is in the way of the relationship you want. 

Working together as your guide and ally, I offer a grounded and engaging presence that can be both compassionate and supportive as well as directive and challenging. Whether there is a chapter in your relationship that’s coming to an end or you are on the threshold of a new beginning, you need to know which direction you both want to go. Within each partner as well as the relationship itself, I look for what wants support and acceptance and what wants to grow and evolve.

My approach is rooted in body psychology, which means that I work within a holistic frame that is focused on the direct experience of how life is lived through the body and how this forms the experience of our Self. I see what I do as a non-reductive, non-formulaic, play between the survival based instinctual responses of our nervous system, our emotional centers of feeling and relating and our cognitive capacities for reasoning and meaning making. Our experience of wholeness becomes possible when each of these fundamental aspects of our being are allowed due attention, care and expression. My perspective is deeply influenced by Formative Psychology, Emotionally focused Therapy, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Hakomi, mindfulness, social justice, shamanism, Eastern and indigenous wisdom traditions and life itself.