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254 Church Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 494-7074

Hi. I’m Jodee. I specialize in working with couples and individuals who want to evolve into the best version of themselves. I offer a safe and collaborative environment that is exclusively dedicated to your personal development. 

Couples Therapy:

If you and your partner experience frequent misunderstandings, fighting, resentment, or the feeling that the other person doesn’t understand you, couples therapy with me can help. I work with couples in a direct and powerful way utilizing evidence-based interventions that will help you to:

  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Decrease fighting and reactivity
  • Learn compassionate expression, disclosure, and resolution of painful emotions
  • Learn to state your needs clearly and openly within your relationship
  • Work through unresolved issues
  • Heal from breaches of trust

I will help you deepen your understanding of the co-created dynamics of your relationship and support you in shifting out of the patterns that are causing you pain. 

Our work together is to heal the ruptures that have occurred and improve communication. Whether you are healing from a breach of trust, embarking on the journey of engagement/marriage, parenthood, struggling with infertility or pregnancy, wanting to learn more effective ways to communicate, or even if you are looking for support in saying goodbye, couples therapy can help as long as you are willing to be open and curious.

Individual Therapy: 

Life can feel overwhelming and painful sometimes. I get it; I’ve been there too. Individual therapy is the ideal place to learn new ways to show up through life’s inevitable challenges. 

In therapy with me you can begin to:

  • Have relief from anxiety, depression, and excessive worry
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the way you function in relationships, especially around managing conflict and navigating challenges with loved ones
  • Learn effective ways to communicate in relationship to self and others
  • Experience relief from self sabotaging behaviors and addictions
  • Gain clarity about what you truly want versus what you think you should want
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries with yourself and others
  • Heal from the pain associated with loss and grief of a loved one or pet
  • Improve self–esteem and increase self compassion