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Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

Welcome to your therapeutic journey. I began mine many years ago and am so grateful for all the wonderful therapists and teachers who have illuminated my path; I would not be where I am today without them. I believe in times of crisis we need someone to hold our hand and a hold a light for us to help us though the darkness. So many have done this for me and now I offer myself to you in this way. 

Many of us experience unstable and sometimes chaotic environments in childhood; environments in which no one was really present with us, or no one attuned.  Some of us had no one loving or caring for us in a way that met our deep need for emotional and physical security and stability. But whether we had a healthy upbringing or not, we all need support in our lives.

My orientation as a therapist is geared towards mindfulness, somatic practices and client centered approaches. I also consider the relationship to be an extremely important part of therapy. Early wounding often happens in relationship and so it may take a healthy relationship to repair some of these wounds. I also encourage my clients to develop some kind of mindfulness practice. Whether it is meditation or another activity that brings you present, it can aid and enhance the therapeutic process in a very beneficial way.

I have deep empathy, love, compassion and understanding when it comes to the human experience, as being human can at times be challenging. I hold an environment that allows my clients to feel safe expressing and being with whatever arises in the context of therapy. I will attune to you in our sessions, help you find your own truth, your authentic voice, and understand your own thoughts and feelings. 

I am also a body worker of ten years, and a doula and have assisted many births. I hold a masters degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Integral Counseling Psychology. I am interested in how the body holds trauma and how we can use touch, the therapeutic relationship and our present day awareness to release these old, stuck patterns in ourselves.