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Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

I believe in John Welwood’s suggestion that the experience of intimate coupling can act as a spiritual crucible, ultimately supporting the hard earned growth of each member. Relationships can be beautiful, and they can also hold a mirror to - and then shine an incandescent stage light on - our most well concealed parts. These are parts we would often prefer to keep hidden - the wounds, heartbreaks, and patterns of the past. The light and reflection of relationship, should you choose to accept it, can be an amazing opportunity to heal the shadows of past interpersonal wounds that haunt our psyches. 

In couples therapy, we will strive to make sense of what is coming to light in your relationship. Slowing down the process of communication, we will look at the patterns that arise, seek to understand where they came from, and, from there, work to repair misattunement. Clients who work with me can start to better understand individual attachment styles and how these different styles interact to create the uniquely complex dance of your relationship. By looking closely at your patterns and habits, we can then explore the needs behind the behavior, building empathy in the process. Clients can begin to choose vulnerability, openness, curiosity, and playfulness with their partners. 

I hold a Master’s degree in somatic psychotherapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I bring a somatic and psychodynamic orientation to my work, with an understanding that our bodies hold and express emotions that greatly impact our daily lives, and that the meaning we make of our lives matters to our health and growth. I completed my training at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy in San Francisco, and work with couples and individuals to find healing through body, mind, and relationship.