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Developing the capacity for healthy intimacy –whether with ourselves or with others- is not something most of us get a lot of support with. And yet, our wellbeing depends in large part on the quality of our connections. 

I help my clients transform their struggles into a pathway to a powerful and deep alliance with themselves and with their partners. 

Many couples come into therapy with a disturbing sense that intimacy has been lost or perhaps never fully established in a secure, effective and ongoing way. Each individual in the couple may feel unsafe or unable to give and receive comfort, support and intimate contact, resorting instead to reactive habits that erode closeness and trust. 

I work with my clients to establish a relationship that is honest, secure, caring and helpful. My style is active and practical, anchored in the realities of everyday life. 

I can help couples that would like to: 

  • Learn constructive ways to communicate directly, truthfully and non-defensively.
  • Identify the defensive patterns of reactivity that lead to lost connection.
  • Understand underlying feelings and needs.
  • Restore that sense that you’re navigating life together as a solid and effective team.