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San Francisco, CA 94114
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I began my journey of self discovery when I stepped into my first therapist's office 18 years ago. I was having an incredibly difficult time managing family issues, marital issues, addiction, depression and overall unhappiness. I have been in consistent therapy ever since and it has completely transformed my life. What started as commitment to my own personal growth has turned into my career and greatest passion. Using this incredible healing modality to help other people through difficult times is my deepest love and greatest honor. 

Graduated from California Institute of Integral Studies with a Masters Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology in May, 2014.
Completed a CIIS internship at Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center in December 2013.

Participating in an ongoing supervision group specializing in integral couple's counseling using such methods as EFT, EADP, IFS, and others.  This group is led by the incredible Michael Klein, Ph.D. who has over 30 years experience and is a Professor at CIIS. 

Graduated from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in July 2016 and hold a Master Certification in Intuition Medicine®.

George and I began our love affair 11 years ago during one of the most difficult periods of my life. I made the decision to divorce and I was truly devastated in every way. Feeling so depressed and alone, I decided to get a dog. Never did I imagine how healing this relationship would be. I named him after George Clooney (the only man I thought I could ever love again) and the rest is history. His loyal companionship, unconditional love, and palpable canine joy of all things like bones, balls, parks, and beaches changed my life. He healed my broken heart and I’ve been paying him back for that one ever since.

A gifted and powerful healer in his own right, George has been working with clients for over 3 years and is amazing to witness.
George is a Certified Emotional Support Animal (ESA).