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Are you struggling to communicate and connect with your partner? Do you often feel unseen, unheard, or taken for granted? Are you and your partner having the same fight or same kind of fight over and over, without ever coming to an effective, sustainable resolution? Do you wish you could rekindle the spark that brought you together, repair ruptures, fall back into alignment and enjoy a more loving, intimate, and connected relationship? Have problems with sex or intimacy led to dissatisfaction, increased tension, or feelings of loneliness? Perhaps a breach of trust has you worried and wondering if healing is possible. Or maybe after years of living together and tending to careers and/or kids, you have begun to feel more like roommates and less like lovers. And, with that disconnect can come the big emotions of sadness, helplessness, and longing. 

Relationships are some of the most enriching aspects of life, but they can also be one of the most challenging. We are often stretched meeting demands of a busy life to sit down and hash out the interpersonal issues that are causing discord in the home or workplace. Designating a time to communicate with each other in a neutral space can provide the common ground needed for mutual understanding and compromise. In a safe and supportive space, I offer a process-oriented and emotional attuned approach to healing and transformation that is collaborative and personable.  

I've seen couples work extremely hard and grow enormously from couples therapy. Sometimes all that's needed is a small shift for a relationship to move forward, and at other times we need to dig deeper into painful and uncomfortable territory, but the work is well worth it. I've witnessed over and over how the source of struggle for a couple becomes a source of strength in the long run. 

My work is guided by extensive training, personal work as well as life experiences. My unique approach integrates many complementary modalities and practices including emotionally focused therapy, trauma healing (somatic experiencing), analytical/depth psychology and grounded in the lived experience of clients.