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Relationships can be just as challenging as they are fulfilling. Maybe you have somebody you love deeply, but you are both at a point where you are having difficulties navigating the relationship. It is common, even normal, for couples to have conflict and fall into unhelpful communication patterns. Weekly couples therapy can be the best way to support and strengthen your relationship by giving it the attention and care it needs. Using emotionally-focused strategies, I first help you identify your communication patterns in depth, increasing understanding between partners and of the underlying emotions fueling disagreements. Then we focus on responding with support and expression of emotions to rebuild intimacy and connection in your relationship. This creates a more effective communication pattern where both partners can feel heard and loved by their partner. I enjoy working with all relationship types, including non-traditional/alternative relationship arrangements.

There are times in everybody’s lives when we feel stressed, unhappy, stuck, or lost. Individual therapy is also a great opportunity where you can take a closer look at who and where you are in life. I can support you on your journey to achieving your goals and creating the life you want. I provide a safe space to explore your inner thoughts and feelings that you may not have the chance to examine in your daily life. I am happy to work with adults of all ages, genders, cultures, orientations, and lifestyles.

My approach primarily includes emotionally-focused, relational, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and mindfulness techniques. I specialize in working with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, major life transitions, grief, ADHD, and managing life balance. I always tailor therapy to fit your unique needs.