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Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

In our romantic hearts, we may rely on fate or destiny or dating apps to bring us to the one we are to love. If we are lucky, this may happen. However, that’s where fate’s job ends and we become responsible for creating the relationship that we desire to experience. This takes commitment and work. Growing up, no one had ever told me how much work relationships can take, but also no one ever told me how a relationship could heal some of our long buried wounds. 

I believe in individual therapy and personal work on the self and that’s why I enjoy working with individuals. However, although individual therapy can help expand our capacity to be in relationships, one of the best things that REALLY prepare us for a relationship is being in one. Relationships can make us discover things about ourselves that we would have never thought existed inside of us until we came into contact with another being that we love!

I am honored to work with couples as this place of intimacy and vulnerability is one for great potential change and growth. I listen to and try to understand with each member of the couple the history and underlying thoughts, emotions, body shifts and behaviors that become part of a greater cycle. Together, we can slow down the cycles and become more aware of the repetitive patterns and each member can become more aware of their individual experience and part in the cycle. In this process, each person can build strength in connecting with themselves as well as connecting to their partner.

I hold a Master of Arts in counseling psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a Bachelor of Science in neurobiology from the University of Washington. I have worked with individuals and couples at the Integral Counseling Center at Pierce St and the Liberation Institute and also work with adolescents. I also provide therapy in Farsi.