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Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

Psychotherapy looks and feels different from client to client, couple to couple. But always therapy is a concentrated commitment to yourself. The process of therapy is to bridge the gap between our stated desires with the truth of where we find ourselves now. The best riches of therapy – to be heard and seen authentically, loved and accepted by yourself and others – can also be the most challenging and uncomfortable. Our culture struggles to honor vulnerability and inter-relatedness we need as humans. In the end, clients are asked to call on those instincts for their own clarity and growth. 

I came to work in psychotherapy after a lifetime of natural curiosity about human nature and complexity of the soul. I obtained my MA in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Expressive Arts from California Institute of Integral Studies. Expressive Arts integrates creativity and metaphor into psychotherapy techniques. I offer dynamic interventions from this approach in addition to supportive listening and direct reflections of traditional therapy. In the room, I strive to co-create the conditions needed for your healing at your pace from my Existential and Solution-Focused frame. 

I work with a range of couples and individuals who are working through acute crisis, persistent relational differences, or looking to continue growth. Areas of clinical interest include:

  • Seeking behavioral changes
  • Life in transition
  • Couples in difficult patterns
  • Increase emotional intelligence for dating
  • Depression, anxiety, shame, trauma
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Kink, Poly, Sex Positivity
  • Business relationships
  • Artistic blockage
  • Multicultural/First or Second generation immigration
  • Emergence from restrictive cultures of origin

At home, my fun times are cooking, reading, dancing, tv/film, comedy, and music.