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Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

Relationships can be the most rewarding and the most frustrating things in our lives. You want them —you really want the good parts. And when you are not getting the good parts you think that maybe you are just better off on your own. But that leaves you usually craving a relationship again.

Love, communication, and intimacy are probably not the things you learned growing up. Most likely you are relating to others based on what was modeled to you or what you saw from your parents, the media or friends. And maybe that no longer works.

Couples come to me to work on issues of trust, values, and intimacy. We will look at patterns in your relationships to help understand what’s working and what’s not in your communication, sexuality, parenting, work-Iife balance, and life transitions. You each have different needs. We will practice learning to stay in touch with them so that you can be your own person, while at the same time learning to attune and listen to the needs and desires of your partner. 

I see the therapeutic relationship as a collaborative exchange in which you uncover the conditioning, negative beliefs, and patterns that hold you both hostage. I listen deeply, reflect, and support you with compassion and warmth to dive deeper into the vulnerability that is longing to be seen. 

I draw from the following approaches:

  • Masters training in clinical psychotherapy from Dominican University of California

  • 2 years of training in somatic psychotherapy from the Hakomi Institute 

  • 2 years depth psychology training from the Community Institute for Psychotherapy

  • Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples 

  • The Developmental Model for Couples Training 

  • Non-Violent Communication

I welcome traditional and nontraditional relational arrangements.