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Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

Leading couples researcher John Gottman has stated that “69% of couples issues are unresolvable.”  No wonder you are having such a difficult time!

I am interested in turning the tensions you are experiencing into opportunities for growth and development.  If you are interested in learning, being challenged and expanding your relational capacities then lets work together.   

Let’s be honest, romantic relationships are really difficult.  There are many adaptive ways of looking at the challenge of being in relationship with another human being.  Some view the relationship as a spiritual caldron, offering opportunities for expansion and transcendence (think Eistein’s quote about how you can’t solve problems at the level at which they are created).  Others will say that the wounds of our childhood inevitably get brought up and re-played out in our partnerships giving us opportunities to gain insight on our deepest drives and patterning as well as heal old childhood wounds.  This perspective helps explain why it is so common to find ourselves in relationship with people that remind us of aspects of our primary caregivers growing up.  I think both these perspectives (and more) are true.  

Relationship is a profound adventure.  One that intersects the sacred and mundane grounds of money, sex, and power.  What a dance?  It is my belief that everyone, yes everyone, even the Obama’s, can benefit from couples therapy.  So you’ve come to a good place.  Lets take a deep breath and get to work.  We might even have some fun…

Clients have described me as warm, non intimidating, and insightful.  I have been working with couples since 2015 and appreciate a variety of couple’s modalities including but not limited to the Hakomi Method, Gottman’s Sound Relational House approach, Nonviolent Communication, PACT EFT, AEDP and other impressive acronyms.