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Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

While relationships can be the source of great challenge and pain, with work and intention they can likewise fulfill some of the deepest needs of our lives—feeling connected, accepted and understood by another. They can, and usually at first, validate us and make us feel complete. However, they can also, often as time goes on, bring out parts of ourselves that we have long tried to eschew. In this vein, they can illuminate unhealthy patterns of relating, which we have learned from family or developed for reasons of survival. With two (or more) people coming together, bringing their disparate hopes, fears and attachment styles to a relationship, challenge is inevitable. It is how we meet these challenges that makes the difference. This can feel especially hard when we are hurt, angry, scared, distrustful, or feeling disconnected from the person we love. 

Whatever the case may be for you and your partner, you are here, hoping that something might be different in your relationship. I’d like to congratulate you and your partner(s) for making it to this step. I am committed and honored to help, guide and witness you through this often scary, yet transformative, process. 

In our couples work we will create a space—both physically and metaphorically—where there is safety, and time to slow down to see what needs are not getting met, what unhealthy patterns are cycling through you and where we can generate more intimacy and growth. 

My style is warm, genuine and non-judgmental. I seek to understand the needs of both partners and act as a medium to translate and reframe the stories you and your partner may be telling yourselves about each other and about the relationship. My multi-cultural background and my upbringing in San Francisco lend themselves to my work with couples from all backgrounds, orientations and walks of life.