San Francisco

(415) 494-7074

Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

I specialize in working with you in times of change: wanted or unwanted; stuck or stuck; milestones or the weight of the world; career shifts or dead-end jobs; becoming parents or finding out you're a parent; un-coupling or committing; wits end or letting go or starting again...

I offer you a safe therapeutic connection where willingness and reluctance are welcome, as are bravery and fear; together we move forward toward your goals. Together we explore, approach and authentically relate with all aspects of your life, moment-to-moment. Together we build you a positive internal scaffolding of self-love so that challenging elements of your life can fall away when ready.

I use reflection, insight, relationship, compassion, empathy, love, acknowledgment, kindness, care and freedom to follow your narrative, together seeing what is there, what is hidden, and what is possible. As our connection deepens, more aspects of you may reveal themselves from past and present, conscious and unconscious, joy and challenges, I assist you by witnessing non-judgmentally with compassion and authentic interest, mirroring your strengths and accompanying disavowed pieces to find what they need to let go and set you free.