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The very same relationships that can bring us profound joy and fulfillment can also bring us to our knees, revealing the most vulnerable parts of ourselves and challenging some of our deepest beliefs. Whether you are simply looking to deepen your connection, or you are mired in conflict and on the brink of collapse, couples therapy can help to navigate the complexities of partnership, unlocking difficult patterns and dynamics that impede true connection, and making way for a renewed and more deeply satisfying intimacy, allowing each partner to shine and thrive in the context of a loving relationship. 

We are often very hesitant, for various reasons, to confront the things in our lives and relationships that are not working, to face conflict head on and express our deepest needs and wants. I create a space, both literally and figuratively, where a couple can speak openly and honestly about their concerns, where together we can confront conflict with courage and confidence, making way for deeper connection and intimacy. 

My style is warm, relational and honest yet gentle. In my work with couples, I strive to attune to the needs and wants of both partners to build my understanding of each person and then use myself as a bridge and a model to increase understanding. Often this work allows us to uncover patterns, both individually and within the relationship, that haven't been addressed before. 

I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, where I began my training at Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center. I went on to complete a two-year intensive training in program focused in psychodynamic therapy at The Psychotherapy Institute, which helped me establish the psychodynamic foundation to my approach. After graduating from the Psychotherapy Institute, I began a private practice internship while working part time as a school therapist at a high-school for troubled teens called Le Cheim School. I am now a licensed marriage and family therapist with my own part time practice in Berkeley

My approach is highly influenced by psychoanalytic theory and practice, as well as attachment theory, and family systems theory. I welcome couples of all relationship styles, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations, including partners in non-traditional relationships. I specialize in couples therapy; addressing relationship dynamics, communication, as well as family and parenting.