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254 Church Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 494-7074

Offers Sliding Scale Therapy

Congratulations for taking steps towards seeking change and growth in your
relationship. Perhaps you are feeling, stuck, off balance, or trying to make sense of
the complex rainbow of feelings that come up between the two of you. Perhaps,
there are very particular issues that need to be addressed.

Let’s sit down together and with acceptance and compassion fully take stock of
where you are, what it is you really want, and what is getting in the way of making it

Work together might include recognizing the emotional patterns that keep the two
of you in difficult cycles, disentangling things towards you both feeling
appreciated, safe and understood. It also might include taking a careful look at
what are known ways of being that are supportive of relationship and those
that are damaging and finding places of transformation here also. Lastly,
relationship can be a profound place of challenge and change to encounter
and transform ourselves at the deepest of levels. It is in relationship that we
have the potential of living our most authentic, meaningful and fullest of lives.
As a therapist, I am open, non-judgmental, supportive and able to speak to what
needs to be said. You will likely feel understood, validated, trusting and encouraged
to do the work that will make the difference in your relationship.

I am originally from England, but have lived and worked in many countries
throughout the world in business, teaching, training, cultural relations and non-
profit before focusing on my work as a therapist.

I look forward to working with you.